Two posts in one week, I’m on a roll!

Today I wanted to bring attention to Eric Heinz, an amazing illustration major from Pratt Institute.  His class was assigned a “mentor” project and he chose one of my previous pieces called “The Man of Tomorrow” to influence his assignment.  Needless to say I am incredibly honored and flattered that Eric took the time to contact me about my work and process.

Its important not just as an illustrator but as any artist in general to be aware of who is influencing your work.  Every artist will be influenced by the previous generation in some way but it is necessary to maintain your own identity.  Eric did a fantastic job of taking what he liked about my piece and making it his own.  Not to be too self deprecating but I believe he produced a much more successful illustration.

I particularly enjoy the tiny robot hands lifting the mans arm up to the control panel.  Presumably that button will bring on the Cheetos tube which will be crammed directly into the mans gaping maw.  Compare this to my piece where the man can’t even be bothered to have his arm lifted for him or even maintain his facial bones.

Thanks again Eric, and keep up the good work!

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